About Us

Having 15 years of experience in the field we decided to venture with our own business in 2005. We started selling our products to just a few clients and over the years we have been blessed with an extended loyal customer base regards of the size of the company. We are committed to provide excellent and personalized customer service to each one of our clients, hard work, good prices and dedication made us possible to extend our inventory to over 70 lines of handcrafted Mexican products. Today we proudly can say that we are a reliable platform for our local Mexican artists to promote their items at a fair price all over the United States and all over the world.

Mailing catalogs, flyers, and word-of-mouth networking are our promotional strategy, it is very effective, inexpensive, and help us to maintain the cost of our cheaper than the competition. The loyalty of our clients is based in personalized customer service, expedited shipment delivery guarantee, and most of all our great fair prices.


Our Mission

As a wholesale distributor Southwest Unlimited LLC will provide first quality fast selling handcrafted Mexican imports to retail marketers worldwide.





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Our Products are not an Indian produced or Indian products as
defined by 25 USC 305 et seq.



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